DILO Certified Gas

Reconditioning or preparation of SF6 gas

Which services does DILO offer in relation to SF6 Certified Gas?

  • Disposal of SF6 gas at DILO
  • Reconditioning or preparation of SF6 gas
  • Sale of DILO Certified Gas

What benefits does gas reconditioning or preparation offer?

  • Preparation instead of disposal of the used SF6 and no purchasing of new gas
  • Compliance with the KrWG [Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act] requirements
  • Quick lead and processing times thanks to optimised processes
  • The perfect solution from an economic and ecological viewpoint

What criteria does the SF6 gas need to meet in order to be sent to DILO?

The gas values for moisture, decomposition products and percentage must be known. The SO2 value for the gas must be < 250 ppmv. For SO2 values of ≥ 250 ppmv, the customer must carry out partial purification on site before shipping of the gas. DILO can also carry out this purification at the customer’s premises.

What is the quality of the SF6 gas after reconditioning?

> 99.9%

How does DILO guarantee that the treated SF6 gas complies with the standards and guidelines?

Every batch of treated DILO Certified Gas is subjected to gas chromatography and spectroscopic analysis in the DILO in-house laboratory in order to check compliance with the purity criteria.

How are the pressure vessels with DILO Certified Gas labelled?

With a UN 1080 label (for new SF6 gas and DILO Certified Gas)

For gas before treatment: what colour must the pressure vessel be? What label?

  • Green pressure vessel = for used SF6 gas with an SO2 content of < 250 ppmv
    UN 3163 label (from 450 litres with UN 3163 label on opposite sides)
    Thread: W21.8 x 1/14 right
  • Yellow pressure vessel = for used SF6 gas with an SO2 content of ≥ 250 ppmv
    UN 3308 label (toxic and corrosive SF6 gas) or SF6 gas in an unknown condition.
    Thread: 1” left
    This gas is not currently accepted by DILO!
    (More information about road transport, ADR, etc. can be found in the transport regulations)

Can pressure vessels be rented from DILO?

We offer pressure vessels for rental as well as for sale. You are also welcome to send the gas to DILO in your own pressure vessels.

What should you do if the TÜV inspection for the pressure vessel has expired?

Transportation of the pressure vessel with an expired TÜV inspection is no problem if the vessel is sent to us for emptying or for TÜV retesting. Vessels can thus be transported to DILO without a valid TÜV inspection. Repeated inspection can also be done through DILO.

Who do I need to contact if I want to send SF6 gas to DILO?

Complete the Reuse checklist and send it to certified-gas(at)dilo-gmbh(dot)com.
If all of the information is in order, you will receive the checklist back with an authorisation number. This checklist should be printed out and attached to each package which will be sent to DILO.


Depending on the scope of your requirements, we are happy to submit an individual quote for:

  • Disposal of SF6
  • Reconditioning or preparation and return of your gas
  • Delivery of treated gas in new gas quality, DILO Certified Gas