SF6 Reconditioning instead of SF6 disposal

The economic and ecological alternative

In practice, the SF6 gas used is often contaminated with air, nitrogen and/or tetrafluoromethane (CF4) due to inadequate evacuation or incorrect gas handling. This is no longer a problem! Since used SF6 gas, which no longer complies with IEC 60480, can now be treated accordingly at DILO:

  • Preparation of gas mixtures with SF6, air, N2 and/or CF4
  • Purification of gas mixtures with an SO2 content of < 250 ppmv

Our customers benefit from the preparation of SF6 gas by:

  • Reduced costs for SF6 disposal
  • Minimised costs for new SF6 gas
  • Low transport and storage costs
  • Emission-free preparation of gas
  • Improved "carbon footprint" through reuse

Contact: certified-gas(at)dilo-gmbh(dot)com